Venture Capitalist’s Provocation : ” Eighty percent of doctors could be replaced by machines.”

Venture capitalist, Vinod Khosla sparked a firestorm with his comments at the recent Health Innovation Summit:

Vinod Khosla says technology will replace 80 percent of doctors sparks indignation

Obviously Mr. Khosla is being intentionally provocative.

I think that what we practicing physicians should take away from this, is that perhaps 80% of what we do is better done with technology, leaving us to do the 20% that matters.

We don’t compound our own drugs, do our own Gram stains, or build our own x-ray machines. Let us use the machine to free us to do what no AI can do. Only a doctor, with our years of training and experience, has insight into the human condition and the understanding of the natural history of illness.

We physicians need to lead this transition, not be swept away by it.