The reinventing of text books for the iPad

Another interesting article by Mike Miliard in HealthcareITNews about the iPad in medical education.

… new Apple CEO Tim Cook noted that, “80 percent of the top hospitals in the U.S. are now testing or piloting the iPad.”

The article goes on to discuss new forms of digital textbooks being pioneered by companies, Inkling and Kno.

It will be fascination to see how these new learning tools develop.

IT’S BEEN CALLED the Gig Economy, Freelance Nation, the Rise of the Creative Class, and the e-conomy, with the “e” standing for electronic, entrepreneurial, or perhaps eclectic. Everywhere we look, we can see the U.S. workforce undergoing a massi

Radiology Toolbox Pro submitted to the App Store

Softcode Systems’ new app for the iPad and iPhone – Radiology Toolbox Pro, was submitted today to the Apple iTunes App Store for review.

This app expands on our first release, soon to be renamed as Radiology Toolbox Lite,  The introductory version has been downloaded more than 24,000 times by members of the medical community in over 85 countries.

Many of the new tools in this version were suggested by the users of the introductory version.  New tools are currently in development for future upgrades.

Inspiring Article, “Visualizing medical data: The da Vinci touch”

Keeley Wray from Children’s Hospital Boston’s blog, Vector, has written a challenge for developers for appeal to the senses in designing health information displays.

Tools may have clinical utility, but if they’re not enjoyable to look at or easy to use, they’ll likely fail in the marketplace. For this reason, hospitals need da Vincis: people who can traverse easily between art, mathematics and science.