The New iPad – Time for App Developers to Upgrade Their Graphics

With the announcement of Apple’s new iPad with the higher resolution Retinal display, it means that iOS developers will have to update the graphics for any apps that run on the new device.

Apple’s new iOS Human Interface Guidelines require a minimum of 10 icon sizes (more if your app needs document icons)! Its time for all app developers to re-size and redraw.

In descending pixel order, the app icons for iPhone and iPad apps are:

  • 1024 x 1024 – Hi-Res app icon for the App Store
  • 512 x 512     – Standard app icon for the App Store
  • 144 x 144     – App icon for New iPad
  • 114 x 114     – App icon for Hi-Res iPhone and iPod Touch
  • 100 x 100     –  Hi-Res iPad Spotlight search results
  • 72 x 72         – Standard app icon for the iPad
  • 58 x 58         – Settings and Spotlight search results for Hi-Res iPhone and iPod Touch, and Settings for the new iPad
  • 57 x 57         –  App icon for standard iPhone and iPod Touch
  • 50 x 50         –  Standard iPad Spotlight search results
  • 29 x 29         –  Settings and Spotlight search results for standard iPhone and iPod Touch, and Settings for the iPad

There are now six sizes for the launch images as well:

  • 2048 x 1496 – Landscape for the Hi-Res iPad
  • 1536 x 2008 – Portrait for the Hi-Res iPad
  • 1024 x 748   – Landscape for the standard iPad
  • 768 x 1004   – Portrait for the standard iPad
  • 640 x 960     – Hi-Res iPhone and iPod Touch
  • 320 x 480     – Standard iPhone and iPod Touch

For the optimum appearance, all the existing graphics used by an app will also need to be upgraded as well.

Photoshop will be very busy.

Radiology Toolbox breaks 30,000 downloads!

We are very excited to announce that the Lite version of Radiology Toolbox has now been downloaded over 30,000 times from the Apple iTunes App Store worldwide. The app has been downloaded in over 85 countries, and hundreds of suggestions have been set in by users of the app.

The Pro version is available for download for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch at the App Store.

New Buzzword Alert: “Patient Activation”

We have a new buzzword to add to mHealth.

Here is an interesting article from mobihealthnews on “Patient Activation,” a new coinage for patients taking charge of their own health and healthcare. We are, of course our own best advocates. The mobile health apps will help us do just that.

With all of the changes coming, we all need to be our own first lines of defense, to help us better help those professionals who take care of us.

More from the RSNA

Another fascinating day at the 97th annual meeting of the RSNA.

I attended a fun (for the inner geek in us all) lecture, “Cool Technologies for Radiologists” given by Drs. Richardson, Petscavage and Thapa, based on their ebook of a similar name (available on Amazon).

Besides all of the new diagnostic imaging equipment, there were several interesting new technologies for education and interacting with complex data sets.

Anatomage has a product call ‘The Table’ an interactive anatomy study table. This is a virtual cadaver, a touch screen the size of an actual dissection table that you can manipulat 3D CT data. Very cool!

We also demoed two new methods of interacting with volumetric data from CTs.

Digital ArtForms was demonstrating their iMedic3D, a two-handed interface for moving through 3D space, such as in virtual colonoscopy, as well as their iMedicPACS, which allows the user to navigate through multiplanar views of cross sectional imaging.

GestSure Technologies new product uses a Microsoft Kinect style interface designed so that surgeons can manipulate CT images in the sterile environment of the operating room.

These devices are still works in progress, but I look forward to the future development of these types of interfaces.

Exciting First Day at RSNA

Sunday was the first day of RSNA 2011, the worlds largest annual medical meeting.

From RSNA President Dr. Burton Drayer’s very upbeat and forward looking opening oration to lectures on the imaging of dementia, it was a fascinating and varied first day.

The food in Chicago is great, too.

Today will start off with a lecture on “Cool Technologies for Radiologists,” an Informatics in Practice course.

We have had great feedback on our app, Radiology Toolbox Pro as well!

Softcode Systems at the RSNA

We are very excited to be attending this year’s RSNA meeting in Chicago.

The Radiological Society of North America’s 97th annual meeting is the worlds largest annual medical meeting. Tens of thousands of radiologists, technologists and industry vendors all share ideas and show off their wares for the entire week in Chicago.

We hope to get a lot of feedback on our app, Radiology Toolbox Pro at the meeting, and are thrilled at the prospect of meeting more of our user community in person.