The Leap Motion Controller -An Amazing New User Interface Device

I have just received a developer’s prototype unit of the new Leap Motion Controller.

This amazing device allows you to translate gestures in 3D space in front of your computer monitor into actions you see on the screening front of you.

The possibilities of the unit is enormous, especially for those of us in healthcare. My first thoughts are the ability to manipulate the 3D images of a CT or MRI by taking the virtual body part with your hands and to manipulate it to better visualize the neck of an aneurysm, the origin of a stenotic vessel, or the course of a tendon injury.

This will also allow a surgeon in the OR to be able to review scan data without breaking scrub.

The device is scheduled for release in just a month or so. This will be fun for the general public, but will be indispensable for those of us in healthcare.