Job Posting: Help create an app for your specialty!

It’s impossible to remember everything. How many times a week do you Google the same information? Wouldn’t it be great to have this info right at your fingertips on your iPad or iPhone?

I am the developer of Radiology Toolbox Pro and Radiology Toolbox Lite, an
iPhone/iPad app for radiologists. In less than a year and a half, our app has had over 40,000 downloads in over 100 countries. Softcode Systems, LLC is looking to expand into other specialties in our series of “ectopic brains” for health care professionals.

We are looking for residents, fellows or other practitioners who are interested in
developing a list of tools, calculations and charts that are frequently consulted in
your specialty. No knowledge of Objective C coding is required, simply a desire to
become part of the mobile health community.

This is not a solicitation for just suggestions. We are looking for those who want to
have an integral hand in developing the whole project for their specialty.

As an example, you can view or download the free lite version, Radiology Toolbox Lite at:

Your part of the project:
The list of tools. The reference source for each tool must be provided and
summarized in a presentable form that we can adapt into a usable standard iPad / iPhone format.

This is a great opportunity to contribute to your field. Compensation and developer
credit will be based on the extent of your contribution to the final product.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Sense of humor preferred, but not required.

Best of Luck!
Eric M. Baumel, MD
Founder, Softcode Systems, LLC