Inspiring Article, “Visualizing medical data: The da Vinci touch”

Keeley Wray from Children’s Hospital Boston’s blog, Vector, has written a challenge for developers for appeal to the senses in designing health information displays.

Tools may have clinical utility, but if they’re not enjoyable to look at or easy to use, they’ll likely fail in the marketplace. For this reason, hospitals need da Vincis: people who can traverse easily between art, mathematics and science.

MobileHealthWatch  has a nice overview of tablet devices as part of the whole IT ecosystem for hospitals, physician’s offices, etc. 

Guest blog: Tips for tablet maintenance

(And no, the article does not tell you how to keep your screen fingerprint free.)

Radiology Toolbox reaches Twenty Thousand Downloads

The introductory version of Radiology Toolbox, the iPad and iPhone app from Softcode Systems reached it’s twenty thousandth download today. The app has been downloaded by physicians, nurses and technologists in 85 countries! Watch for the updated Pro version later this summer. Many more tools, including renal cyst CT criteria, pediatric spleen and kidney size, thyroid uptake, and MRI intracranial hemorrhage charts have been added at our users request. Thanks again for all the support.