Radiology Toolbox – 15,000 Downloads

Radiology Toolbox has been downloaded over 15,000 time from the Apple iTunes App Store.

We continue to be gratified by the response from the medical community. 

Work on the new Pro version has been progressing, with dozens of new tools under development.

One View of the Future – A Facebook Like Interface for Treating Hospital Patients

One potential view of how mobile technology can be integrated into improving the information sharing needed for good patient care.

HospitalConcepts, a blog about the intersection of “cool tech stuff” and “patient experience” discusses an example of a Facebook like interface for the care team in the hospital setting. 

Why not? Obviously the devil is always in the details, but the social network paradigm is a familiar one to  hundreds of millions, world wide.

So, who’s first?

iPads at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Another overview of the beginning of the adoption of tablets into healthcare.

A CNBC feature on the use of the iPad at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.

The premise that for doctors the iPad is “…as important to patient care as their stethoscope,"is probably a bit premature, but I think the promise for the very near future is for this to be true. As more tools emerge, and standards for systems integration grow, these will allow for significant improvement in how doctors interact with, and care for, their patients.  The two main hurdles of course is the enormous privacy concerns, and the ability for all of the disparate information systems to speak with each other. DICOM and HL7 standards are just the beginning.